A skull after my heart. I think I’ll try to make it. Thanks!


Remember the the alien skull that appeared last only for a moment the scene of Predator 2? Aye, this is it.

Since I find it unlikely to own a Xenomorph pet in house, the next best thing is its skull to hang on your wall. But are too wimpy to hunt one yourself or in the company of some predators, check out this sweet skull.

2 kilograms (4 pounds) xenomorph replica is about 80 cm (32 inches) long and will make it appear as if you are a galactic hunter.

The skull was crafted by Wataru from PSYCHO MONSTERZ in Japan. Why hunt one and surely end up dead and drooled on, when you can buy one for $875 (USD) instead. It’s money well spent in order to bask in awe of your house guests.


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