Halloween Planners…Start Your Engines!

The clock is ticking quickly toward Halloween. Make it quick Cinderella image courtesy of flickr.com.12215612@N06/2877261320.

The clock is ticking quickly toward Halloween. Make it quick Cinderella image courtesy of flickr.com.12215612@N06/2877261320.

From the date of this post, there are only 68 days until Halloween. That may seem like a lot of time. But for prop makers, crafters and party hosts, the timeline is even shorter.

Party hosts usually place their event the weekend before and crafters and yard haunters like to show off their efforts a least a month prior to the big day. Anything shorter would seem pale in comparison for all the effort put into their late-night prop making.

The flurry of activities between networking with other crafters can be exhilarating. From blogs, Pininterest, websites and forums, ideas begin to take form.

Reading other people’s blogs can motivate you to write, create and evolve ideas. Reading countdown sites like Renae Rude – The Paranormalist can jump start you into action. Which, rightly so, will save you a lot of grief and stress in the long run.

For me, your Frugal Frights and Delights writer, I’ve already been prop making for a few weeks. Soon you’ll get a glimpse of the life-size prop of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas that will be added to my Jack Skellington and Zero dog made last year. Hopefully, you’ll get the tutorial in time to make your own.

If you’re still not motivated to start planning, check out the links at the bottom of the page.They might just inspire you to get your creative juices flowing!

For Awesome Halloween Prop Ideas:

Haunt Project.Com

Haunters Hangout

For Unique Invitation/Party Ideas:

Make Your Own Invitations

Dedicated to True Blood – Northman’s Party Vamps

A Very Dexter Halloween

For Gruesome and Tasty Halloween Treats:

Brain Food – A Bloody Fabulous Cake

Healthy Halloween Treats

The Idea Room

Nerdy With Children

2 thoughts on “Halloween Planners…Start Your Engines!

    • I did see you mention upcoming links to your favorite sites. Thanks for including me. I’m always entertained when I read your blog. Interesting, quirky and different – I’ll be a lifetime subscriber- for sure!


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