Behind the Creativity

I’ve always had a passion for writing and creating. But it was not until 2004, that I returned to school, and completed a B.A. in Cultural Studies and Communications. I thrived with mentors, and became a member of Phi Theta Kappa, a high honors society.

Prior to completing college, I sold over 140+ stories to various media outlets, including a 2010 book, History Restored, commissioned by The Avon Preservation and Historical Society(APHS). It is now in second hard copy at APHS. The Ebook may be purchased at

It’s hard to decide which craft I love more: writing or creating in other various mediums. So why not do both, and share with others?

With almost 20 years of professional writing under my belt, I don’t shy away from requests. I’ve had experience as an Editor-in-Chief, reporter, and now a freelancer. I thoroughly enjoy research, and finding that nugget of information, akin to treasure hunting.
I enjoy collaborating and brainstorming. My passion is definitely over the top, but it ends up helping clients reach their goals. Need help with editing, writing, and social media management? Check out my Service page.

Need help collaborating on a craft/artistic project? Feel free to contact me at:

2 thoughts on “Behind the Creativity

  1. Thanks for the delicious Christmas cookies, enjoyed each everyone of them. Great conversations at the Harris Y pool and look forward to furthering them in the near future.

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