The Origins of FFD

For many years I’ve planned Renaissance, Halloween, and other themed events. In the late 90′s, I was so inundated with requests to take on other people’s projects, that I began to write a book on event planning and started a website with tutorials.

With the perfectionist I am, I went back to college to learn more about the histories of other civilizations and found a place in the writing world. But I still missed the hands-on experience of making and creating props.

I began turning my own house into a haunt that grew bigger and bigger each year. Every year came a new project; a new idea. Soon, people came by the droves to take pictures with my props and drive by in delight.

The idea of big themed house displays must have come from my dad, a great Christmas decorator. He’d have thousands of lights, props, and decorated every inch of his home – from inside to out.

News spread about his creations via word-of-mouth and media coverage. I was in awe of how his little slice of magic could create so much happiness.

Much like my dad, I realized that creating feeds my soul while entertaining kids and adults alike. Life is too short to be ordinary and I’d like to think everyone could use a little magic and wonder in their lives.     – Debbie Morrow

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