Recycling Broken Crayons

A New Idea

Wax Seals or stamping is an ancient art, but is still in practice today. Photo: Wax Courtesy of FlickrCC.

Once again the creative juices are flowing, thanks to reading other blogger creative sites. Butterfly Kisses show another great way to use crayons in art. Then the inspiration struck!

Why not use crayons for making wax seals? They are wax, come in pretty colors and are incredibly inexpensive!

I teach a tutorial in my Renaissance stamping workshop that uses actual stamp wax. It can be a little pricey, which can scare people away. It runs about $3 a pack for 10 or 12 wax beads.

Yet crayons cost only pennies comparably. You can get a $1 pack of 24 crayons that should eek out about two stamps per crayon. It could be quite a savings if you’re doing a bulk mailing.

Wax Seal Usage

Now you may ask yourself…Isn’t wax stamping a dying art? Yes and no. Although people are sending fewer snail mail letters these days, many still send invitations in hard copy.

Wedding invitations in particular often use a seal or wax stamp. Since I’ve substituted crayons in other wax projects, I can’t see why using them for envelope stamping wouldn’t work.

If you get the chance to use a crayon instead of a wax bead or stick, shoot me a comment to let me know how it worked out. Otherwise, it will take a few weeks for me to get back to folks and report how the exchange worked.

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