Minion Madness

Minions are everywhere. Image courtesy of Lewallpaper.

Minions are everywhere. Image courtesy of Lewallpaper.

It’s hard not to smile when you look at the minions from Despicable Me.  I’m not sure what it is, but the frenzy has compelled people to recreate them in food, home décor and more. There are even entire sites totally dedicated to those little guys.

Edible Minions

You’d be surprised at how many ways you could eat a minion. Food Beast offers over 30 photos of the minions made in various food forms from Instagram, but alas…no tutorials. After scouring the internet, a few good tutorials did surface:

Rock Ur Party offers many good tutorials on edible, artful creations including minions made from marshmallows.

Restless Chipotle has a minion cupcake tutorial that uses Twinkies and candy eyes. You could also make your own candy eyes with Cook Play Explore’s tutorial.

It’s Almost Genius has a tutorial on how to make minions out of fondant. You can also find tutorials on how to make your own fondant by Steve Quaq at Instructables.

Home Décor

There are millions of minions invading homes this very moment.They come in the guise of pillows, crochet projects, duct tape and more. Don’t have a minion of your own? Here are a few easy ideas that will help:

Minion Pillows: I ran across a minion pillow image on The World’s Most Top 10 Anything site. It wasn’t hard to figure out all you need is a yellow pillow and add a few pieces of felt.

Minion Curtains: Take a pair of yellow curtains and add large cut-out eyes/goggles made from felt or other materials. Need help drawing a pattern for the eyes? There are several tutorials out there; including one from Draw Central to get you creating minions like a pro.

Minion Crochet:  Kristen’s Crochet offers patterns for various size minions. All About Ami has a tutorial for a minion with removable clothes.

Minion Apparel:

If eating minions or having them around your house is not enough, you can always make minion clothing, slippers or accessories:

Winter Hat




Key Chain

If you have a minion inspired project you’d like to share, please send me an email. I’d love to add it to the list for our minion fans. Thanks!

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