DIY: Transforming the Easter Bunny into a Zombie

This zombie bunny looks thirsty. Image courtesy of Debbie Morrow. All rights reserved.

This zombie bunny looks thirsty. Image courtesy of Debbie Morrow. All rights reserved.

With The Walking Dead, Warm Bodies and other zombie movies warming our hearts, how could we not want to make zombies of our own?

To make this zombie bunny you’ll need:

1 Blow mold bunny (Craigslist and Ebay)
Outdoor craft paint – red, dark green, white, and black
Paint brushes with small tips
Small cups or an empty egg carton to mix colors
Pumpkin Teeth (Walgreens, Walmart)
Metal shish-kabob skewer or roofing nail
Paper towel (cheapest brand works best)


1) Mix white and black paint together to make grey (make enough to cover entire head and hands). Paint the entire head and hands grey EXCEPT for the eyes and eyelids up to the brow line, nose, surrounding area where whiskers come out, and mouth. Let dry completely.

2) In the areas painted in grey paint, make a 1-inch stroke of green paint into one of the creases and take a bunched up paper towel to swirl the green paint outward toward the other areas. You will want to have varying degrees of green so be inconsistent with spreading the paint. Repeat in all crevices until the grey painted areas are covered. If you have a spot where the green paint is too concentrated, dip the paper towel in water, squeeze out the excess and rub through concentrated area to blend better.

3) With black paint, go around the eye area(don’t cover eye and eyelid up to brow) making strokes around eyes (see image for more detail). Let dry.

4) In the same crevices where the green paint was placed and rubbed, paint a small amount of black and rub outward away from creases. Let dry.

5) Paint the nose of the rabbit red – let dry. Outline nose with black paint.

6) Mix a small amount of white paint with red to make pink. Paint around nose and above upper lip with the pink paint – let dry.

7) Paint black dots and black paint strokes on and around pink painted area.

8) Add black paint to eye balls – Let dry. Add red paint veins from the eye balls to the top eye section near brow to appear like large bloodshot eyes.

9) Add blood splatter on various creases, lips, ears, etc.

10) Using the nail or skewer, hammer holes right above the mold’s teeth(make two). Break a plastic tooth at about the half mark and place in holes made.

11) Add extra black and red paint to new teeth and anywhere else if needed.

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