Great Father’s Day DIY Ideas for under $10

Hand print tree image courtesy of The

Hand print tree image courtesy of The

Priceless Endeavors

Although some may believe their dad would prefer a store bought item, it will be the gifts made from the heart that will be cherished – especially when they’ve moved out and gone to college.

Every project selected can be made for under $10 dollars, but may need a few days to a week to dry and complete. Many of the items needed can be purchased at your area dollar store.

The Tree of Life

You’ll Need:
A picture frame
A sheet of heavy weight paper (ex. card stock, constructions, etc)
Paint – in any color desired but be sure to use non-toxic for young children (I’ve seen all green hands and multicolored leaf hands used in projects)
A free tree template of a tree such as the Crafty Chick’s version, Kid’s Blogspot version, and Coloring Shape’s version, or if crafty, draw and paint your own.
A pencil/pen
Optional: matte board for framing picture inside picture frame

1) Before printing template, reformat it to the correct year or reword it in a MS Word or Open Office software program.
2) Pour a small pool (big enough for a hand print) of paint in a paper plate and call the kids in for the printing.
3) Once tree is stamped and dried, place in the optional matte frame and place in a picture frame.

Love in a Jar

You can make a plethora of gifts with a simple printed label from your computer, an empty cleaned pickle jar, mason jar, peanut butter jar, etc.and a filler. A free template with candy or nuts for father’s day can be found at

Image  courtesy of

courtesy of











Priceless Paper Weights or Wall Art : Dad, You Rock!

Rocks are available in all sizes and thicknesses. Round ones obviously work as paperweights and thin shale can be turned into wall art.

For this painted rock project you’ll need:
Acrylic paint – as many colors as your artist wants
Paint brushes
Thin-tipped permanent marker
Stencil template saying Dad, You Rock or have them do it freehand
For wall art: stone adhesive and cord (approx. 10″ )

1) Make sure all work areas are covered with newspapers to prevent damage. Have the kids paint away. It can be the whole rock covered in color or they can do their own unique designs. Ideas for this project can be found at,, and
2) While drying, print out the stencil unless your child will be doing it freehand. Once completely dry, use the marker and either follow the stencil  or simple write the words on the stone
“Dad, You Rock”.
3) For wall art, after all is completely dry, add stone adhesive to the top back two corners and attach cord according to package directions.

If you have a Father’s Day project you’d like to share, shoot me a comment or email. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks!






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