Ramping up: Prop Ideas for Halloween 2014

An interactive exhibit of a Paper Craft Guillotine by Mandy Smith. Image Courtesy of Make.

An interactive exhibit of a Paper Craft Guillotine by Mandy Smith. Image courtesy of Make.



I know…it’s still summer. But this is the time I like to think about what I’d like to make for Halloween. Whether I can actually accomplish the things I dream of making…well – that’s another story. I’ve just had back surgery (all those hours of prop making can do a lot of wear and tear after so many years). But don’t count me out just yet.

Planning Ahead Saves Money

By making your plans and item lists early, you can save a bundle. Especially in garage sale season because you can pick up a plethora of items for pennies on the dollar. You can also find priceless stuff on the curb.

The Newest Prop to Love

While in my Reader, I found an awesome prop idea from Make. It is a paper craft guillotine that was used in an exhibit. I’d love to make one for the kids to try out. You’ll find it at Vimeo:

Unsure of what this season holds for me, I’d appreciate all my creative counterparts to start posting their ideas and if you accomplish your dream prop, shoot me a pic and a quick note so I can highlight you on my blog. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Ramping up: Prop Ideas for Halloween 2014

  1. Best of luck recuperating from surgery. I’ve had a few major back surgeries myself when I was in middle school. A clamp, a fusion, scars the size of the California coast. 🙂 You doing okay?

  2. Thank you for asking.The past year honestly has been just short of hell (between back and loss of daughter) and the surgery didn’t have the success the docs expected. I’m not willing to do another surgery just yet – I’m giving it some time to heal. Thanks for sharing your back issues too – it makes me feel better knowing someone else actually knows how trying to bend isn’t a possible task at times. But I’m too stubborn and love life too much to let it put a total damper on things. Your own blog has brought smiles to me – on days that were rough. I thank you for that. I hope you found some success in your surgeries and I know from your writing, even if it still gives you problems – your spirit still soars (via your interesting, optimistic, and continual blog posts). I can only hope to do the same. Thanks again.

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