When Can a Haunt Go Too Far?

How far should a haunter go to terrify people? Image courtesy of Dr. Theda's Crypt on Blogspot.

How far should a haunter go to terrify people? Image courtesy of Dr. Theda’s Crypt on Blogspot.

With CNN highlighting a story about a macabre yard haunt that had some people bent out of shape, the question is: When does a haunt go too far and become more offensive rather than just an awesome display of artistic darkness?

After watching the video of how people reacted, I had to think to myself: If they feel that way with that yard haunt, they would surely freak over mine – especially my Zombie Babies.

In no way do I wish to be offensive. For me and many other fellow haunters, we’ve grown up watching the weekend Double Creature Features, Kolchak:The Night Stalker, and other spooky tales.

For myself, it was one of the best memories I have with my dad. We would get ready for that roller coaster ride every Saturday in our living room. We’d scream, jump, and laugh at each other’s antics of fear.

Having those fond memories made me wish to share it with my own children and frankly, with the world.

It’s Just a Genre – Not a Lifestyle Choice!

I believe people get their undies in a bundle when they decide to judge Halloween crafters as people who are trying to emulate the characters they make. As for myself (and many others I know), we are not mad scientists, alien creatures or serial killers who dismember people for fun in our spare time.

It’s about enjoying a genre – sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc. When we see something so awesomely created from either a movie or from our fellow artists, we try to emulate them or expand upon what they’ve done. Their ideas get our ideas flowing too!

A New Experience Awaits

For those who have never experienced the glee of your family shrieking and the popcorn flying everywhere during a scary movie – you’ve missed out on some funny times. Yet, it’s not too late. You’d be surprised at how a truly scary movie can lead you to laughing at each other.

For those of you who don’t enjoy looking at haunted yards because it disturbs you – I suggest looking the other way. Because great haunters try to leave their viewers surprised, scared and yeah…a little freak out.



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