The New Additions to our Stranger Things Yard 2022

Hopper and Eleven are in the elevator, trying to close gate.

Now that Halloween is over, and props are back down, I have a little time to share my latest additions to my Stranger Things yard haunt. Last year, I created The Mindflayer, with over 200 feet of legs, Nancy’s arm coming out of the tree from the Upside Down World, a Gate, Will Byer’s Castle, Eleven, and an Alphabet Wall that actually spells secret messages.

This year, I added several more props, and created a different scene from Season 2, episode: The Gate

Spoiler Alert: If you have not yet seen the entire second season of Stranger Things, stop reading. I mention Chapter 9: The Gate

In Chapter 9: The Gate, there was a moment that struck a cord with me. Hopper and Eleven were in the elevator. Hopper was shooting Demodogs, while Eleven was trying to close gate. As it was closing, a brief glimpse of the Mindflayer’s head was seen, then it disappears. Hopper looks astonished as Eleven rises upward, as she uses all the strength she has, trying to close the gate.

I knew I had to attempt to recreate it. I built the elevator, Hopper, Eleven, a larger, brighter gate to see the shadow of the Mindflayer’s head, many demodog heads, and three demodogs. One is life-sized, and animated to move its head, and the others were in different life stages. I created Dart, holding his Three Musketeers bar, while his brother, unfortunately, had just turned to the dark side: with a head blooming of teeth. The Mindflayer Monster head was redone, with the front of head shaped better, and internal lights added. This allowed visitors the ability to see his multiple teeth inside his mouth, at night.

Check out the new editions, and some of last year’s Stranger Things props:

If you are interested in making any of the props, please let me know which tutorial you want to see added to this site, preferably in the comment section. Since I am already making plans to move the story forward, I’ll be selling the Mindflayer. If you are interested in buying the updated 2.0 Mindflayer, please email me at: Don’t forget to like and follow, to see what tutorials come next. Thanks!

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