The Ring Girl Samara Tutorial

Samara standing in a hallway. Photo by Debbie Morrow, all copyrights reserved.

It only took me one time of watching the movie The Ring to wither in fear over that girl Samara. The way she moved her body and climbed out of the well was enough to give me nightmares.

As usual, I thought I’d give a few nightmares of my own by making Samara for my yard haunt.

Making Samara from the Movie The Ring

You’ll need:

1 Foam Head
1 Long Black Wig
PVC pipe
PVC Joints:  4 L- shaped, 2 T-shaped
Hot Glue Gun/Sticks
White Duct Tape
10 Metal Hangers
Grocery bags and/or aluminum foil
Wire Cutters
1 White or Ivory Dress
Clear Sealant Spray paint

Green, brown, and black paint/brush
Floral Push Pins or Tacks
1 cup of strong coffee/tea and grounds
1 Sponge
2 long rods of metal, plastic or wood


IMAGE 1: PVC joined together. Photo by Debbie Morrow, copyrights reserved.

1. Cut the desired shoulder length of PVC pipe(approx. 10-12”). Slide the piece through the T-shaped joint. Cap off ends with an L-shaped joint as pictured in image 1.

2. Cut another PVC pipe that will be the length from the neck to the hip (torso).

3. Repeat #1 directions. When complete, this will be the hip piece. Attach shoulder piece to the torso piece and add the hip piece to the bottom.

4. Seal all joints with hot glue.  Once dried, add a wraparound of duct tape for strength.

The Hands/Arms:

Arms and hands of Samara. Photo by Debbie Morrow, copyrights reserved.

  1. Cut pieces of hanger into 5 long (the length of an arm and
    hand) pieces for each arm.
  2. Choose which end will be the hand and pull pieces either up or down to match finger lengths. Example:
    The thumb is shorter, pinky is shorter than ring finger/index and middle finger may be a tad longer than ring/index). Just look at your own hand to get the gist of it. Wrap tape around the “wrist” area after the desired lengths are achieved to secure the pieces together.
  3. Add thickness to the arms by wrapping grocery bags or foil around the wire. Then tape around it all, making sure to cover any bags or foil spots. If you wish to make fingers pointier, wrap tape at an angle at the ends.
  4. After taping, bend fingers/arms to desired positions.

The Dress and Aged Effect

You can find a nightgown at a thrift store that will do the job and modify it at the seams with hot glue.

To age the fabric, you’re going to use the steeped tea or strong brewed coffee.

Dip a sponge or paint brush into the tea or coffee. Spread drink liquid haphazardly over the shoulders, around the neckline, near the bottom of the dress and hem.  Spreading the liquid can also be done with a spray bottle. Grab a handful of grounds and rub on the fabric too.  Let dry and repeat if needed.

The Head

Duct tape hasn’t failed me yet with my Samara that has been standing for a month at a time every year for over 8 years.

  1. For the next part, DO NOT use hot glue; it will melt the foam head. Duct tape the neck of the foam head to the top, above shoulders.
  2. Once the head is secure to neck, attach the wig with floral push pins or tacks. Make sure the hair dangles well in front to cover the face of Samara.

The Legs

Cut PVC pipe according to the desired height you’d like Samara. Insert them into hip joints. Glue and secure with tape.

Finishing Touches

Samara and the well. Photo by Debbie Morrow, copyrights reserved.

  1. Hammer rods into the ground equal in width as Samara’s legs are apart. Slide the legs over the rods and stand Samara up. Add the dress, if haven’t done so and step back. Does she have enough aged look to her clothing? If not, add some optional green, brown, black, paint but do so sparingly.
  2. Spread a light coat haphazardly of one or all the colored paints over Samara’s arms and wipe off some of the paint with a rag. You want her to look rotting, not painted, so use paint sparingly.
  3. Once paint/aged effect dries, give the arms and dress a coat of clear sealer.
  4. Don’t forget to make the well.
  5. Follow up with security measures. This item will not be left in your yard for long without them.


8 thoughts on “The Ring Girl Samara Tutorial

  1. The picture of her standing in your hallway was super creepy. I really like this project. Especially with the Halloween holiday right around the corner. We were thinking of doing a creepy version of a candy shop for the trick-or-treat kids since we have a bay window in our house. This creepy Samara project would be a perfect prop to have outside standing by the window to creep the kids out. Thanks for sharing this with me. 🙂

    • You don’t know how many times I’ve walked past my own window during the Halloween season, looked out and was startled to see someone standing in the dark outside. Then I remind myself it’s Samara and laugh at myself. She spooks me BIG TIME! Glad you like the project. Thanks.

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