The Ring Girl Samara Tutorial

Samara standing in a hallway. Photo by Debbie Morrow, all copyrights reserved.

It only took me one time of watching the movie The Ring to wither in fear over that girl Samara. The way she moved her body and climbed out of the well was enough to give me nightmares.

As usual, I thought I’d give a few nightmares of my own by making Samara for my yard haunt.

Making Samara from the Movie The Ring

You’ll need:

1 Foam Head
1 Long Black Wig
PVC pipe
PVC Joints:  4 L- shaped, 2 T-shaped
Hot Glue Gun/Sticks
White Duct Tape
10 Metal Hangers
Grocery bags and/or aluminum foil
Wire Cutters
1 White or Ivory Dress
Clear Sealant Spray paint Continue reading