Healthy Pumpkin Seed Recipes You’ll Want to Make Again

With Halloween gone, now is the time to find those deals on pumpkins in the stores. You can make pumpkin puree with almost any pumpkin, but the holy grail of nutrition, is found in those pumpkin seeds.

Not all pumpkin seed recipes are healthy. Once you’ve added the butter or oil, and possibly an overload of salt, they become well…less heathy. Since I am a huge fan of pumpkin anything, and have been more mindful of ingredients and nutrition, I decided to come up with my own new flavors of pumpkin seeds!  Continue reading

Easy Last Minute Super Bowl Recipes

Image, courtesy of Home is Where the Boat is. They also offer an easy,
no-bake recipe, for Football cake pops.

If you are still scrambling to figure out some easy, quick menu items for Super Bowl, look no further. These recipes are sure to please a crowd. Best yet, they’re so simple, anyone can make. So, don’t forget to enlist your kids to help.

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Healthy and Easy Desserts for Valentine’s Day

Image courtesy of KraftHeinz, where their variation makes a layer of
sugar-free lemon/strawberry middle.

Some people believe: If it’s a special occasion, don’t worry about the nutritional value of a dessert. But that kind of thinking doesn’t help anyone that is diabetic, or on a weight-loss journey. Maybe your loved one is just trying to eat healthier.

Eating healthier means something different, for everyone. As always, respect the dietary restrictions of your loved ones, and they’ll be a lot happier.

Below are recipes that come straight from my own creative kitchen, or one used within my family, for generations. They are all very easy, contain 6 or less ingredients, and are almost foolproof. Plus: A bottom link was added to an amazing strawberry heart idea, I must try sometime. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, and It’s quite ingenious.

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Ideas for Using Leftover Easter Candy

After receiving a plethora of Easter candy from relatives, neighbors, friends, and the Easter Bunny, it’s easy to understand how one might wish to never see a jelly bean, Peep™, or chocolate again. You may be even thinking of tossing those plastic eggs.

Yet, think re-use instead of heading to the garbage can. Most of the candy is freeze-able, even Peeps™. Save your bounty of goodies/plastic eggs for recipes, craft projects, and more. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Re-using Chocolate

Re-using Malt Balls, M & M’s,™ and Reese’s Pieces™

Re-using Plastic Eggs

Re-using Peeps™

Don’t forget those little candies and jelly beans can also come in handy the next time you’re make gingerbread houses. Do you have an idea you’d like to share on re-using your holiday bounty? We’d love to hear it!

Part 4: Minecraft Madness!

The Minecraft Periodic Table, courtesy of Stubby EE on

The Minecraft Periodic Table, courtesy of Stubby EE on

This is part of a series of how we pulled off a Minecraft gaming party for over 45 people. Part 1, includes a game tutorial, dealing with vendors, and helpful links. Part 2, shared our gaming trailer experience, event schedule, glitches and making a Minecraft invite for a girl. Part 3, we go over decorations, food containers transformed into Creepers, party favors/bags, tableware, and several links for printables to make 3D table toppers.

Every post has helpful links, so please check them out if you’re thinking of having a Minecraft party. For Part 4, we’ll go over foods you can match with the Minecraft Periodic Table, and drinks. Continue reading

Part 2: Let the Baking Begin!

Italian Chocolate Balls that appear to have chocolate frosting instead of white in our family recipe. Image courtesy of

Italian Chocolate Balls that appear to have chocolate frosting instead of white in our family recipe. Image courtesy of

This is part 2 of Get Ready for the Christmas Baking to Begin.Today, I’ll be adding three more recipes:
Italian Chocolate Balls (our own family recipe), Peanut Butter Balls (some call them buckeyes, but they really taste like a Reese cup), and
Almond Sugar Cookie Cutouts (my very own recipe that has been acclaimed by many).



Italian Chocolate  Balls

*This batter takes a fork and a strong arm for mixing or a heavy duty mixer. Yet, the results are so worth it.

Supplies: Continue reading

Repulsive Recipes for Halloween

There's always room for Jello! Image of Jello worms courtesy of

There’s always room for Jello! Image of Jello worms courtesy of

Half the fun on Halloween is sampling the novel treats that people bring to a party. The eyeball cupcakes, licorice spiders, witch hats...and the list goes on. Yet, the gruesome ones can be the most exhilarating. They push you to see if you have the guts to eat something beyond the regular aesthetics. Almost like a Fear Factor episode.

Here are some ideas for gruesome culinary creations that will help your friends squirm at your next party:

Jello Worms(pictured above)

Shape your poop the way you want. Image courtesy of

Shape your poop the way you want. Image courtesy of Recipe by Debbie Morrow.

Baby Doo Doo Brownie Balls Continue reading

Indoor S’more Recipes

S'more  courtesy of FlickrCC 76454756 at N00/2987530248.

S’more image courtesy of FlickrCC 76454756 at N00/2987530248.

It’s like a rite of summer passage: Having get-togethers, building a fire and making S’mores. But building a fire isn’t always possible. Below are indoor recipes that will squelch anyone’s craving for a real S’more without lighting a match.

S’mores in the Oven

You’ll need:
Graham Crackers
Chocolate Bars

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lay cracker squares on a cookie sheet. Place 1 marshmallow on each cracker. Bake approximately 6 minutes or until marshmallow is softened. Pull sheet out of oven, add chocolate squares and top with another graham cracker.

S’more Trifle

1 Dark Chocolate Cake Mix
1 Box Chocolate Instant Pudding
1 Large Container of Marshmallow Cream (Like Fluff)
1 Cup Crushed Graham Crackers
1 bag  Milk Chocolate  or Semi-Sweet Chips
1 Large Whipped Cream Tub
Chocolate Bars

1) Make the cake and pudding following their box directions.

2) As the pudding is setting in the fridge, slice the cake into small cubes (1-2 inches) and break up your chocolate bars into small pieces.

3) In a large bowl, work in layers by placing cake cubes on bottom, marshmallow cream on top of cubes, add a layer of pudding, crushed crackers, chocolate bar pieces, and whipped cream. Repeat, except you’ll alternate the chocolate bar pieces with chips.  Top off the last layer with the rest of the chocolate chips/bar leftovers.

Easy No-Bake S’more Bars

S’more Sandwich Bars

If you have a favorite indoor S’more recipe you’d like to add, please feel free to shoot me an email. Thanks –  have a great summer!

An Ice Cream Social of a Different Kind

Image Anyone want Ice Cream courtesy of Flickr20826826@N00/115681904

Image: Anyone Want Ice Cream courtesy of Flickr20826826@N00/115681904

Looking for another reason to throw a summer party but don’t like to barbecue? Try an ice cream social of a different kind.

Ice cream socials have been the staple of community get-togethers since the invention of ice cream. They usually have a few flavors and toppings to please most people. To make your social a one-of-a kind memorable event, follow these suggestions: Continue reading

Tresses and Treats: Green with Envy on St. Paddy’s Day

Image Neon Yellow and Green Hair courtesy of Candy Acid Hair on Deviant Art

Image Neon Yellow and Green Hair courtesy of Candy Acid Hair on Deviant Art

Now that St. Paddy’s Day is almost upon us, have you made plans on how you’ll be celebrating? This frugal gal loves celebrating without emptying her wallet and found a few fun and unique ways to show your St. Patrick’s Day spirit.

Dye Your Hair with Green Gelatin: If you have blond, grey or any other light-colored hair, you won’t have to bleach it for green results. Sophisticated Edge provides a helpful tutorial.

Dye Your Hair with KoolAid®: WikiHow has a great tutorial on how to temporarily dye your hair with about 3 packs of drink mix.  Try green this week and another color for Easter.

Chalk Your Hair Green:  Over the recent years, there have been many tutorials on how to use chalk to give hair a temporary color. The Beauty Department offers a nice step-by-step with photos and several color examples.

Give your friends green and tasty treats worth the price of gold: Continue reading