Edible Valentine Gifts – A Three Part Series

It’s only the first week of January and I’m already looking ahead to the next holiday – Valentine’s Day. I usually make tasty treats to give out, especially since my bank account has been drained with the past Christmas shopping spree. Yet, for all the people on my love list, I still give them individualized attention to what their tastes are.

This will be 3-part post series in these food categories: Sugar Addicts, Hot and Spicy Addicts, and Drinker’s Delights.

For The Sugar Addicts:

Cookies on a Stick

If time is a factor, I’d suggest buying the packaged sugar cookie mix. Otherwise, The Decorated Cookie has a sugar cookie recipe with many other clever cookie ideas.

Image courtesy of FlickrCC 61365821-at-n07-6872600665.jpg

Image courtesy of FlickrCC 61365821-at-n07-6872600665.jpg

After cookies are cooled and decorated, get a Valentine coffee mug (a Dollar Store buy) and fill it half way with Styrofoam. Push your cookie sticks into the foam, add some confetti or gift bag filler to cover the foam.Tuck in any loose pieces or use a mini hot glue gun to secure small pieces. Optional: add ribbon to the handle or on the sticks themselves.

Homemade Peanut Butter Balls: If your valentine really digs peanut butter cups, this is the recipe for you. Since they are so tasty, I use them for Halloween(as eyeballs) and Christmas too. You’ll find the recipe in my post An Eye For All Seasons.

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