How to Make a Real Hair Beard for a Costume or Prop

Are you having problems finding a decent beard from your local stores or online vendors? You’re not the only one. After scouring Amazon, and other places, I felt a little desperate. I was making Hopper, from Stranger Things to go into my Halloween yard. I thought, how hard can it be to find a normal beard, that didn’t break the bank? Continue reading

Lock, Shock, and Barrel Life-size Characters – DIY

Tutorial of lock shock barrel

Lock, Shock, and Barrel are now full sized and ready to join the Nightmare Before Christmas clan.

If you follow my posts, you’ll remember I made the Lock, Shock, and Barrel masks about two years ago. I’m pleased to announce their full life-size versions are complete and am here to start sharing how I did it.

Since tutorials tend to be long, each character tutorial from The Nightmare Before Christmas, will be split up for easy reading. The first tutorial will be on Lock – the devil costumed character. Continue reading

Cat Costumes Perfect for a Photo Shoot

I can imagine this perfect cat costume in a photography studio. Image courtesy of

I can imagine this perfect cat costume in a photography studio. Image courtesy of

Now that it is time to mull over what costume to choose this year – don’t forget your favorite pet. Kitty Bloger has some wonderful images of cats in costumes.

Newzshop also includes some images from Kitty Bloger and others – if you’re really interested in dressing your cat.

As for your other animals, I’ll save that for a later post.

* Please note: For the sake of animal love, only dress cats(or other animals) that truly enjoy it. Otherwise this might seem a little cruel. Thanks!