Friday the 13th

By Debbie Morrow

The number 13 has been given a bad rap in history. Photo courtesy of flickrCC.

Superstitions Rooted in the Subconscious

C’mon, you know you’ll think once about Friday the 13th and the possibilities of bad luck today. You may not be superstitious, but for a few seconds…it’s there.

Most of us have seen hundreds of Friday the 13ths pass us by without a hint of disaster. But it still doesn’t stop many of us from changing our plans.

Airline flights, weddings, appointments and business decisions have been changed to alternate days. Anxiety medications are probably taken today at an all-time high. But seriously? It’s just a date!

Pass on the Stress, Embrace the Date

Instead of hunkering down for a nonsensical storm, have a little fun with it by throwing a Friday the 13th party! Continue reading