A 5 Minute Pumpkin Project

Pumpkin Projects Everywhere

In less than 5 minutes, you can transform your toilet paper rolls into a pumpkin patch. Photo courtesy of Debbie Morrow.

I ran across this pumpkin DIY project at The Frugal Girls, Spoonful and a ton of blogs like Chocolate on my Cranium. With each of the sites I ran across, they used fabric to cover the toilet paper. But I thought: If I were a guest and needed some TP, would I be so willing to rip and pull apart a fabric-covered one? Well, if I were desperate, I guess the answer would be yes.

Yet, I thought it was the best to use something that could be ripped away like the tissue on those single toilet paper rolls. It would allow easy access without leaving any guilt for our in-need guests.

Better yet, I’ve brought the cost down to about 40 cents per pumpkin(minus the toilet paper).

My 5 Minute Pumpkin Toilet Paper Project

You’ll need:

Silk leaves, a few napkins and a piece of brown bag dress up toilet paper in harvest fashion.

A roll of toilet paper

2 orange paper napkins

1 brown paper lunch bag

A few silk leaves off a vine or floral arrangement


1)      Open the napkin up fully.  Push the corner of the napkin into the top hole of the toilet paper. Pull the napkin around(leaving creases for “pumpkin” lines) and tuck the rest of the top in and follow with the bottom. Adjust the creases if need be. The toilet paper roll should be halfway covered. Add a piece of tape inside the roll to secure the first napkin.

2)      Open the second napkin fully and repeat from where the first napkin stopped, tucking in the same around and tucking into the bottom. Adjust the creases and add a piece of tape to secure the napkin to the inside of the roll.

3)      Cut a 4 -5” x  5” piece from the brown bag. Roll it like a scroll. If it doesn’t stay rolled, add a small piece of tape to secure. Push it into the top hole and cut the top of the “stem” at an angle.

4)      Pull off a few leaves from a silk flower arrangement or vine (most of us crafty people have a dozen hanging around in the basement) and then push the stem into the top hole and position the leaves until it is aesthetically pleasing.

If you are having trouble visualizing my steps, please visit the other links that give step-by-step photos and replace the fabric in their directions with the napkins in mine.

Using Old Books for Seasonal Props

No Need for a Pumpkin Patch

Another cool project to make out of recycling books. Photo courtesy of Jean Knox at Instructables.

When I ran across a photo of a pumpkin made from a book at My Sublime Blog without a tutorial, I knew I had to take the time to track it down.

I found the directions at Creations by Kara and one even more in-depth at Crafting Mom. The photo which compelled me to begin the search can be found on the post Awesome DIY Projects I Can’t Wait to Try.

While searching, I also ran across some other great ideas for recycling books such as making a wreath out of old sheet music books or phone books.

At Studenthacks.org they show ten great ways to repurpose old books into things such as lampshades, iPod cases, and tell you where to trade them or give them away.

It is suggested that before you begin to cut up or give away that old book, you might want to check the value of it at Bookfinder.com.

Planning Your Fall Event

A Fall Favor Idea

Small pumpkin favors can work for weddings, kids parties, and other fall events. Photo courtesy of Debbie Morrow

Having a youngster means going to a plethora of birthday parties and getting those conventional favors most parents give out. You know the ones I’m talking about…the plastic kazoos, rings, bouncy balls, etc.

But there are only so many of those little trinkets a parent can take scattered in one household. So when my own child’s birthday party came around I wanted something different.

I thought, what would make me happy as a kid and a parent?

I bought these small pumpkins three for a dollar from a local farmer. I purchased the favor bags, ribbon, stickers, and markers at the dollar store.

Now not only did I have a favor that was appreciated by kids and parents alike, I had an activity of decorating pumpkins at the party.

I could see this working for other fall events or giveaways from businesses. Instead of stickers or markers within the bag, you could add business cards, a love poem with a bride and groom’s name for fall weddings, and more.