Using Old Books for Seasonal Props

No Need for a Pumpkin Patch

Another cool project to make out of recycling books. Photo courtesy of Jean Knox at Instructables.

When I ran across a photo of a pumpkin made from a book at My Sublime Blog without a tutorial, I knew I had to take the time to track it down.

I found the directions at Creations by Kara and one even more in-depth at Crafting Mom. The photo which compelled me to begin the search can be found on the post Awesome DIY Projects I Can’t Wait to Try.

While searching, I also ran across some other great ideas for recycling books such as making a wreath out of old sheet music books or phone books.

At they show ten great ways to repurpose old books into things such as lampshades, iPod cases, and tell you where to trade them or give them away.

It is suggested that before you begin to cut up or give away that old book, you might want to check the value of it at

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