Another creative and awesome idea I’m going to try when I get the time.

House, Heirlooms, and Primas

It’s the first week of August and everywhere I look I see Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decor ….. Really?  I realize that in our society the designers, buyers and retail stores are thinking a season to two ahead of us, but who in the real world is currently thinking Winter?  I don’t kn0w about you, but I would be happy if I could find a pair of cute flat brown sandals and yet when I go to the stores all I see are Fall and Winter shoes… boots, among others stuff, are not summer related.  So, it may be summer, but  I guess “it’s begining to look alot like Halloween, Thanksgiving, oops,  I mean Christmas.”

One day I went to Michael’s Craft Store to purchase a few things and yes I had my coupon, (let’s face it who doesn’t shop with a coupon these days, unless you are someone who does not really have to think…

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