Quick and Easy Tombstones

The tombstone to the left is used with the white over-spray. The right is not. Photo courtesy of Debbie Morrow, all rights reserved.

Even in the tightest schedules, these little tombstones are quick and easy to make.

You’ll need: 

Thrown-to-the-curb cabinet doors or wood

Black, gray or brown spray paint

White spray paint

A windy day or a fan

Glow-in-the-Dark paint or neon colors


1)      If your cabinet door is black, gray or even brown, you can skip step 1. For those with other colors, spray down the front of the wood pieces or doors. If the backs are going to be readily visible, spray the backs as well. Let dry.

2)      When it is a windy day or within reach of a fan, sparsely spray the white around the edges and slightly over the middle of the boards. You don’t want the white to cover any area entirely. If you’ve over sprayed, get the darker color out and sparsely spray over to correct.

3)      Pencil in where the letters of your epitaph words will be, then go over it with the neon or glow paint. Let dry.

 *Remember the crummier looking the cabinets and wood, the better. It will paint with a more aged look.

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