It’s All in the Perspective! Transforming Regular Food into Something Gruesome

It’s all in the perspective. Do you see Split Pea Soup or do you see Shrek Slime and Gangrene Stew? Photo of German Split Pea Soup courtesy of FlickrCC.

As I was planning my gruesome food ideas for this year’s Halloween Bash, I began to think about all my favorite foods I usually make and what they could be transformed into.

Most wouldn’t even need tweaking in order to become gruesome because it is all in the perspective.

All I would need to do is set a place card in front of the dish suggesting what it is and the mind does the rest.

Here are some of the ideas I came up with:

Pistachio Fluff or Split Pea Soup:  They can be called Shrek’s Snot, Exorcist Vomit, etc.

Dump Cake (used with Cherries) can be called Baked Bloody Eye Balls or Scab Casserole

Brownies (roll in balls and put on toothpicks): Doo Doo Balls.

Macaroni Fruit Salad: Frog Egg Salad

Tapioca Pudding: Frog Eggs and Cream

Chili (add Zucchini pieces the size and shape of fingers of toes): Appendage Stew or Green Slug Chili

Peanut Butter Balls, Coconut Balls, or Cake Balls (add a candy eye or M&M): Monster and Zombie Eyes

I’m still brainstorming, but you have the idea.

Planning and executing a party is stressful enough without attempting new recipes. So pull out your regular recipe cards and see what you can transform.  You’ll be happier that you did and don’t forget to drop me a line with one of your ideas. Thanks!

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