Fast and Easy Stranger Things Demodog Heads to Make

demodog two liter head

Adding to our second year of our Stranger Things yard, we added a more visible gate, where demodog heads are scattered upon it. I even built a life-size, animatronic demodog that turns his head, when sensors are triggered. No, this is not that tutorial. It was not easy, nor fast. But the demodog heads on the gate? Easy Peasy.  Follow these quick directions, and you’ll have a Stranger Things vibe in no time.

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Last Minute Appetizers

Tortilla Pinwheels are visually appealing, easy to make and you can't eat just one! Image courtesy of

Tortilla Pinwheels are visually appealing, easy to make and you can’t eat just one! Image courtesy of and the Frugal Gal’s own recipe is below.



We’ve all been there…more people show up at our party or the food is going quick. Maybe it was a last minute effort to have a party. No matter which reason fits your scenario, you can make a fabulous spread quickly.

The Biggie: Asking for Help

No matter what, it won’t help you feel any better if you’re frazzled with stress because you’ve done it all yourself. At least one of those friends and family members that are at the party or coming can help. Understandably, some of us have more pride than others, but swallow it and face reality that you deserve a good night too.

You can also avoid everything on your shoulders by asking people to bring a dish to pass. Yet, this doesn’t always solve the problem since not everyone gets that a dish to pass means one large enough for a crowd. So here are some last minute appetizers that can save the night. Continue reading

DIY Witch Shoes and Broom Outdoor Decoration

This failed cabbage pot was the perfect place to set my DIY witch shoes and props. Image courtesy of Debbie Morrow, All Rights Reserved.

This failed cabbage pot was the perfect place to set my DIY witch shoes and props. Image courtesy of Debbie Morrow, All Rights Reserved.

Looking for a quick and easy Halloween decoration? These ordinary granny boots can be transformed into a great prop in less than an hour(depending upon drying time if paint is needed).

You’ll Need:

One Pair of Lace-Up, Spiked Boots (an easy secondhand store find)
Black Spray or Waterproof Acrylic Paint (If boots are not black, purple, or burgundy)
Seasonal Ribbon and/or Halloween Shoe Strings
2 Pieces of Styrofoam (to fit from inside heel to top edge of boot ankle)
6 Small Halloween Floral Bunches (Dollar Tree item)
A Low Heat Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
A Broom (pictured is one from Dollar Tree, but Kidspot has a video on how make your own)
*Optional: Witch Sign, Skull, Extra Brooms of varying sizes/styles, and lights.

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Quick Last Minute Red, White and Blue Recipe Delights

Image called Caaake, courtesy of FlickrCC 12818386@N00/7560097470.

Image called Caaake, courtesy of FlickrCC 12818386@N00/7560097470.

Flag Cake (pictured right)

Bake a cake following package directions, top with either white frosting or whipped cream (the kind in the tub) and add berries (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc.) to represent stars and stripes.

Patriotic Cupcakes

Bake cupcakes according to package, top with white frosting or whipped cream (tub kind) and cut red string licorice strips to fit for stripes and add a blueberry or blue M & M for the star.

Red, White and Blue Parfaits or Trifle

Buy 2 pound cakes and cut them into cubes. Place one layer of cubed cake on the bottom of a trifle bowl or clear plastic cups. Add a layer of whipped cream (the kind in a tub) and add a layer of berries.  Repeat, alternating red or blue-colored berries.

A 5 Minute Pumpkin Project

Pumpkin Projects Everywhere

In less than 5 minutes, you can transform your toilet paper rolls into a pumpkin patch. Photo courtesy of Debbie Morrow.

I ran across this pumpkin DIY project at The Frugal Girls, Spoonful and a ton of blogs like Chocolate on my Cranium. With each of the sites I ran across, they used fabric to cover the toilet paper. But I thought: If I were a guest and needed some TP, would I be so willing to rip and pull apart a fabric-covered one? Well, if I were desperate, I guess the answer would be yes.

Yet, I thought it was the best to use something that could be ripped away like the tissue on those single toilet paper rolls. It would allow easy access without leaving any guilt for our in-need guests.

Better yet, I’ve brought the cost down to about 40 cents per pumpkin(minus the toilet paper).

My 5 Minute Pumpkin Toilet Paper Project

You’ll need:

Silk leaves, a few napkins and a piece of brown bag dress up toilet paper in harvest fashion.

A roll of toilet paper

2 orange paper napkins

1 brown paper lunch bag

A few silk leaves off a vine or floral arrangement


1)      Open the napkin up fully.  Push the corner of the napkin into the top hole of the toilet paper. Pull the napkin around(leaving creases for “pumpkin” lines) and tuck the rest of the top in and follow with the bottom. Adjust the creases if need be. The toilet paper roll should be halfway covered. Add a piece of tape inside the roll to secure the first napkin.

2)      Open the second napkin fully and repeat from where the first napkin stopped, tucking in the same around and tucking into the bottom. Adjust the creases and add a piece of tape to secure the napkin to the inside of the roll.

3)      Cut a 4 -5” x  5” piece from the brown bag. Roll it like a scroll. If it doesn’t stay rolled, add a small piece of tape to secure. Push it into the top hole and cut the top of the “stem” at an angle.

4)      Pull off a few leaves from a silk flower arrangement or vine (most of us crafty people have a dozen hanging around in the basement) and then push the stem into the top hole and position the leaves until it is aesthetically pleasing.

If you are having trouble visualizing my steps, please visit the other links that give step-by-step photos and replace the fabric in their directions with the napkins in mine.

Quick and Easy Tombstones

The tombstone to the left is used with the white over-spray. The right is not. Photo courtesy of Debbie Morrow, all rights reserved.

Even in the tightest schedules, these little tombstones are quick and easy to make.

You’ll need: 

Thrown-to-the-curb cabinet doors or wood

Black, gray or brown spray paint

White spray paint

A windy day or a fan

Glow-in-the-Dark paint or neon colors


1)      If your cabinet door is black, gray or even brown, you can skip step 1. For those with other colors, spray down the front of the wood pieces or doors. If the backs are going to be readily visible, spray the backs as well. Let dry.

2)      When it is a windy day or within reach of a fan, sparsely spray the white around the edges and slightly over the middle of the boards. You don’t want the white to cover any area entirely. If you’ve over sprayed, get the darker color out and sparsely spray over to correct.

3)      Pencil in where the letters of your epitaph words will be, then go over it with the neon or glow paint. Let dry.

 *Remember the crummier looking the cabinets and wood, the better. It will paint with a more aged look.