Fast and Easy Stranger Things Demodog Heads to Make

demodog two liter head

Adding to our second year of our Stranger Things yard, we added a more visible gate, where demodog heads are scattered upon it. I even built a life-size, animatronic demodog that turns his head, when sensors are triggered. No, this is not that tutorial. It was not easy, nor fast. But the demodog heads on the gate? Easy Peasy.  Follow these quick directions, and you’ll have a Stranger Things vibe in no time.

I wanted to add to my gate without buying more items, because after building an elevator, Hopper, Eleven, and 3 demodogs, I was stretching our budget. One night my husband had left his empty two liter near me… Eureka! I had an idea. 

What you’ll need to make demodog heads: 

  • Several empty 2-liter bottles that have a 5 petal bottom (see images below)
  • Scissors
  • A sharp blade
  • Black spray paint
  • Red spray paint
  • A sheet or two of white foam
  • White outdoor acrylic paint/paint brush
  • Something for the middle part of the head – I used cut-out circles from a yoga mat, but you could reuse things like: bottle caps, large buttons, black foam board, card board circles, etc. 
  • A hot glue gun/glue sticks



  1. Cut off the bottoms of each 2-liter bottle. They all don’t have to be same width. In fact, it’s better to have some with more curved “petals” then others.
  2. Make sure it’s clean from any soda residue, and dry. Cut between the petal shapes to accentuate them more. 
  3. Flip them upside down (the bottom of the bottle), and spray paint them black. Once dry, flip back upward and spray paint red. The red side will be the place for the teeth and black center circle.
  4. While the petal heads are drying, start cutting teeth shapes from the white foam (think of long, thin, shark teeth), and find something for the circular middle. As I said, I used an old yoga mat,  and it was already black. So, I didn’t have to spray paint it. 
  5. Hot glue the black circular centerpiece, and start gluing teeth around circle and randomly. 
  6. Add white paint dots and/or whisps, to look like teeth growing in. 


That’s it. One of the fastest and easiest tutorials to read and do. I’d love to see what you create with these, so don’t forget to share pics too.  

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