Keeping it Simple

Less is More

A starch reaper does the job without any moving parts. Photo: Starch image of reapers courtesy of Flickrcc.

I’ve been studying other haunts for ideas of my own and Cheap Halloween Props has some good advice.

The author believes keeping it simple in making a haunt will cause less issues because switches break and other variables exist. To maintain them throughout the Halloween season is both time consuming and costly.

Fine Details can be Ignored

I think simplicity is the key. My props are far from perfect. If you get up close to them in daylight, I’m sure imperfections can be seen.

However, the space between my yard and the street(where most people view) is perfect for both day and night.

So my advice for the prop makers of 2012 is to keep it simple. No one is really going to see the imperfections that can happen.

Work with lighting versus movement to enhance props. Add live actors to interact with your Trick-or-Treaters and enjoy spending your energy on watching the reactions from your visitors.