Casting Techniques: Part 2

Earlier I mentioned a few ways of unconventionally making molds and casts in Casting Techniques: Part One (CT1). It went over how deciding which casting techniques are best for certain projects and why. Now we’ll get to the fun stuff – creating.

Casting and Replicas with Hot Glue

Items you’ll need:

A hot glue cast of river rock.

An object you’d like to recreate

Heavy duty aluminum foil

A hot glue gun (check CT1 if unsure which size to use)

Bag of glue sticks

1)      Heat up your glue gun. Make sure to have it standing on something to protect  surfaces from drips or burns.

2)      Rip a sheet of foil large enough to cover three-fourths of your object. Remember if you are using an object that has creases, indents or other features, you will need to press the foil tightly into those elements to have them show up on your mold. Continue reading