Newest Additions to the Stranger Things Yard in Charlotte 2023

If you’re looking for a free Stranger Things(ST) experience, here are a few sample photos of what you’d find at 3632 Cole Mill Road, in Charlotte, NC. With over 15 features that encompass the Stranger Things show, visitors won’t be disappointed. Some tutorials are already posted. We hope to see you there! ~ The Morrow Family

Eleven Elevator Stranger things closing gate
A sneak peak at Eleven and Hopper(unseen from this angle) in the elevator, trying to close the gate.
billy max mindflayer stranger things props
Iconic scenes from Stranger Things recreated.
Vecna with lava breaking the earth Stranger Things
Vecna is above the breaking earth, waiting to cause havoc.
Max above Billy's grave Stranger Things
Max, hanging above Billy’s grave.