Confessions of an Ignorant Creator

A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

I added a lip of foam to accentuate Jack Skellington‘s lips. It will be sanded down to blend into the rest of the head. Photo courtesy of Debbie Morrow.

I’ve never professed that I’m an expert at my craft of creating frightful or delightful things.Today is another example of my ignorance and hope my less-than-knowledgeable creator friends can learn from my mistakes.

I’ve been working the past week on a Jack Skellington head that will be built into a life size character for my yard.  I completed the paper mache, added eyes/nose features and covered it with a thin coat of plaster.

I was about to start sanding when I took a look at photos from the movie and decided to add a lip edge for his mouth. Instead of going back to plaster or my paper mache mix, I chose to use Touch and Foam Max Fill. It’s quick, easy and you can sand it within a very short period of time. I even had experience using it for other projects without any big issues.

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