A Valentine’s Day Contest for Creative People

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Image via CrunchBase

I’m a huge fan of Instructables. They have tutorials from regular people who do extraordinary tutorials on just about anything. I ran across a Valentine’s Day contest I thought I’d give people a head’s up on. You still have almost two weeks to submit your ideas. By the way, they give away some really decent prizes, too.

It’s also a great place for last minute ideas and sorry for sounding like a commercial. I do not have a vested interest with them. I’m just an excited fan. Let me know if you ended up submitting your idea – I’d like to check it out. Thanks!

Planning Your Yard Haunt Now

With Halloween so many months away, you may wonder why you would even want to think about props. But a well thought-out prop building and placement plan will save you time, money and a lot of aggravation.

The first thing you need to do is consider the following:

Will you choose a theme for the entire yard or will you be mixing your favorite elements? There are limitless theme ideas. But here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Your favorite scary, science fiction, or classic movie monsters (Frankenstein, wolf man, Count Dracula, pumpkin head, etc.)
  • The science lab with items such as tables of bubbling fluids, test tubes and bizarre items in jars.
  • Alien abduction – just think of The Xfiles or the Alien Autopsy movie and you’ll feel inspired.
  • The classic graveyard with ghouls, walking dead, fencing and more.
  • Within the gates of hell with tortured beings, flaming objects, the grim reaper, etc.
  • The clown invasion with multiple clowns in different poses in your yard.

Although it may put a damper on your imagination, don’t forget to consider the time and money that will be spent as well.

Once you’ve figured out what theme, time and your money options, Continue reading