Dog Costume has Quite the Effect – Too Hilarious NOT to Share

Anyone who has followed my blog knows how I love to share new costume ideas and love a good laugh.

Creativity and humor go hand in hand – so here’s the dog costume video I HAD to share. It is by SA Wardega. If anyone makes a similar one – please feel free to shoot me an email so I can share another good laugh and idea.Thanks!

DIY Halloween Invitations You’d Die For

With just over two months before Halloween, party planners have already started contemplating invitations, decorations, and more. Here are a few over-the-top invite ideas that can kick-start enthusiasm in any invitee.

Many of the sites listed have tutorials and it would be interesting to know which one is your favorite.

If you have an idea to add to the gallery, shoot me a message so I can share your creativity. Happy Halloween Planning!