Stranger Things Halloween Yard Haunt Adds More Characters

Vecna Prop from Stranger Things

Sorry for the lack of posts, but 2023 has been a whirlwind of events. From throwing the biggest home graduation party, vacations, life, and then creating new characters from the Stranger Things series – it’s been hectic.

Let’s Break Down the Previous Years of Stranger Things Props Made

Some of the props built have tutorials, where others need to still be posted. But if you have any questions about creating them yourself, please feel free to ask via email, or comment.

What’s New for 2023 Yard Haunt

Since I am still finishing builds, and putting them up in the yard this week, I can only give you a glimpse of what is added. You can see some of the past and present props in the slideshow below. I did take pics of steps while making them, so later I can add the tutorials. Again, if you have any questions, before I can post them, ask away. After the yard is complete, I will post a video or the entire yard pics. The following are the new adds for 2023:

  • Vecna – in the air
  • The Grandfather Clock
  • Max – in the air
  • Another way of making vines
  • Billy (who will be standing in front of the Mind flayer on my roof)
  • Billy’s gravestone
  • Cracks of Earth Opening
  • Another Way to Make Vines

Seeing the Yard in Person

If you’re in the Charlotte, NC area, or would like to take a road trip, please stop by. The yard should be complete by end of the first week in October. Please shoot me a comment to ensure everything is up, and for requesting the address. I’ll send it to your email. I do want to mention, the Alphabet Wall sends out secret messages. So take the time to decode them. We add new ones each year.

The perfect time to see the yard is usually at night. With everything lit up, people can see the full effects. But I have several people stop by in the daylight. Also, if any of you have talents in animating characters, or have a class on the subject you can guide me to, I’d love to talk with you. Although we’ve programmed our Alphabet Wall to send out secret messages, our life-size Demodog has been giving us some hiccups. I’d really love to learn more on animating my creations. Thanks!

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