A brain mold made of cool and refreshing gelatin.

By Debbie Morrow


Honing Your Culinary Artistic Skills Now  

If you’re planning on making some new gruesome treats for Halloween, it’s better to practice your skills a few months ahead before the big party.

When the summertime heat rises, there’s nothing more refreshing than Jell-O! Hardly the Jell-O mold your grandma has made, the basic recipe originally came from The Pumpkin Nook, where you can find several recipes of gruesome delight. I tweaked the brain recipe by adding a few ingredients and made it my own.

You’ll Need:

One brain mold

A large platter (to accommodate brain with blood drippings)

Non-stick cooking spray

7 small boxes of peach gelatin

Green food coloring

1 can skim evaporated milk, chilled

3 ½ cups water

One of the following: A can of cherry pie filling or 1 bag of frozen strawberries or frozen raspberries.

3 bowls: one for mold stabilization in the refrigerator, one for mixing and one for water dipping.

A mini cleaver is optional but gives a great visual effect. Continue reading