Planning Your Fall Event

A Fall Favor Idea

Small pumpkin favors can work for weddings, kids parties, and other fall events. Photo courtesy of Debbie Morrow

Having a youngster means going to a plethora of birthday parties and getting those conventional favors most parents give out. You know the ones I’m talking about…the plastic kazoos, rings, bouncy balls, etc.

But there are only so many of those little trinkets a parent can take scattered in one household. So when my own child’s birthday party came around I wanted something different.

I thought, what would make me happy as a kid and a parent?

I bought these small pumpkins three for a dollar from a local farmer. I purchased the favor bags, ribbon, stickers, and markers at the dollar store.

Now not only did I have a favor that was appreciated by kids and parents alike, I had an activity of decorating pumpkins at the party.

I could see this working for other fall events or giveaways from businesses. Instead of stickers or markers within the bag, you could add business cards, a love poem with a bride and groom’s name for fall weddings, and more.

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