Quick and Healthy Thanksgiving Desserts that Won’t Blow Your Diet

A Very Berry Fluff. Image courtesy of Funny Money Mom, who has a similar version.

Thanksgiving is coming soon, and anyone who is trying to stick to a healthy way of eating, is probably concerned about a celebration, focused around food. Let’s face it, family gatherings can be stressful enough, without fighting off tempting treats. Yet, there are ways to compromise: Make a dish or two that has a lot of flavor, without the high fat and calories. Here’s a few tried and true recipes that are low or no fat, low carb, and low calorie. Most can be sugar free, or very low in sugar. But, best of all, they are all high in flavor.

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Healthy Pumpkin Seed Recipes You’ll Want to Make Again

With Halloween gone, now is the time to find those deals on pumpkins in the stores. You can make pumpkin puree with almost any pumpkin, but the holy grail of nutrition, is found in those pumpkin seeds.

Not all pumpkin seed recipes are healthy. Once you’ve added the butter or oil, and possibly an overload of salt, they become well…less heathy. Since I am a huge fan of pumpkin anything, and have been more mindful of ingredients and nutrition, I decided to come up with my own new flavors of pumpkin seeds!  Continue reading