Healthy and Easy Desserts for Valentine’s Day

Image courtesy of KraftHeinz, where their variation makes a layer of
sugar-free lemon/strawberry middle.

Some people believe: If it’s a special occasion, don’t worry about the nutritional value of a dessert. But that kind of thinking doesn’t help anyone that is diabetic, or on a weight-loss journey. Maybe your loved one is just trying to eat healthier.

Eating healthier means something different, for everyone. As always, respect the dietary restrictions of your loved ones, and they’ll be a lot happier.

Below are recipes that come straight from my own creative kitchen, or one used within my family, for generations. They are all very easy, contain 6 or less ingredients, and are almost foolproof. Plus: A bottom link was added to an amazing strawberry heart idea, I must try sometime. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, and It’s quite ingenious.

Image courtesy of Spend with Pennies, who
offers a similar version, with a few extra ingredients.

A Very Berry Fluff Dessert from the kitchen of The Write Girl for the Job

You’ll Need:

  • 1 reg. size tub of whipped cream, preferably sugar-free, lite, or no fat (found in freezer section)
  • An approx. 14 oz. bag of frozen mixed berries without sugar added (fresh can work, too)
  • 1 small box of powdered, sugar-free raspberry gelatin (like Jell-o or store brand)
  • 1 small box of sugar-free cheesecake flavor, pudding powder
  • Approx. a half a cup of water
  • 1-2 sugar-free substitute packets, of your choice

Directions: Defrost both the frozen whipped cream tub, and the mixed berries (still in bag) on the counter. If either are not defrosted completely, the recipe will not turn out well.

Once the whipped cream is thawed, place it into a medium to large-sized bowl. Open the thawed berry bag, sprinkle the sugar-free packets inside, on top of the berries. Add approx. a half a cup of water to the berry bag, and close.(most brands have a zip seal) Start kneading the berry bag, crushing all of the berries, at least in half or more, while blending in sugar substitute/water. Sprinkle the gelatin and pudding powder, over the whipped cream in the bowl. Pour the berry mix, over the whipped cream/dry powders, and mix well. Ensure all the granules of pudding powder/gelatin are mixed in well, before putting it into the fridge to thicken up. (approx. half hour). Serve, and see the smiles.

Image courtesy of Kelli Foster via The Kitchn.

Heart-Shaped Low-Fat Pumpkin Cupcakes from the kitchen of The Write Girl for the Job

You can really use any flavor cake mix with pumpkin, to keep it full fiber, and low fat. It just changes the outcome of flavor. Chocolate overwhelms pumpkin, so it’s a good recipe for those who aren’t a fan of pumpkin, too.

You’ll Need:

  • 1 large* can of pumkin (not pumpkin mix)
  • 1 box of spice cake mix (or orange cake mix instead)
  • 2 Tbsp. vinegar, and 2 tsp. baking soda
  • Cupcake liners, and either aluminum foil, OR glass marbles to make indentations for hearts
  • Muffin pans
  • Optional: Lite, sugar-free, or fat-free whipped topping

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Pour the cake mix into a large bowl, add the can of pumpkin. In a separate small bowl or cup, mix the vinegar and baking soda, until soda is dissolved. Add to the cake/pumpkin bowl. Mix well. Place liners in your muffin pan, and fill with cake mix, halfway. To make them heart shaped: add balls of foil, as pictured in the 52 Kitchen Adventures tutorial, or see the link for using glass marbles, above. Bake approx. 8 min. longer than the recommended time, on the back of your cake mix box.

These cupcakes need no frosting, are very moist, but dense. They are a bit creamy using a large can of pumpkin. *Use a reg. size (15 oz. ) pumpkin can, for a more cake-like texture. These are great without a topping, but I personally prefer a little light whipped cream on top, to remind me of pumpkin pie. Yes, I’m one of those people who eats pumpkin, year-round. Substitute tip for other recipes: Pumpkin can be used in place of oil in many recipes, and the vinegar/baking soda can be substituted for eggs, in baking.

Layered Angel Food Ice Cream Cake (See header image)

This is one of the easiest, yet elegant cakes to make. Especially, if you use a store-bought cake to start with.

You’ll Need:

  • 1 store-bought (or homemade) Angel Food cake
  • 1 large tub of whipped cream (low-fat, sugar-free, or non-fat)
  • Low fat and/or low sugar vanilla ice cream OR frozen yogurt
  • 1 Qt. of fresh strawberries (raspberries work too)
  • *Toothpicks or skewers, and aluminum foil


Make sure your whipped cream tub is fully defrosted and soft throughout. Pull your ice cream or yogurt out to get a bit soft, too. Wash and dab dry, your strawberries. Hull them, and slice each in half, from top to bottom, not horizonal.

After gently removing your cake from its pan, place it on a large platter. Make sure it’s one that can go into the freezer, without issue.

Take a sharp knife, and make a horizontal cut, about mid-point, through the cake. This makes 2 layers. Lay the top piece aside, to use for later. It does not matter if your cut is uneven or not in exact middle, because whip frosting will cover it all, later.

With the bottom cake piece on the platter, start scooping the ice cream over the top. Make a layer about a half inch or so around. It’s okay if its melting a bit, it will refreeze well.

Take your sliced strawberries and lay them on top of the ice cream, but remember to keep enough aside, for a pretty design on top of the cake.

Lay your top cake piece on top of the ice cream/berry layer. Now, you’ll start “frosting” your cake with the whipped cream. Make sure it is completely frosted from top, sides, to bottom. Add your strawberries in a pretty design on top.

IMPORTANT NEXT STEP: Using toothpicks, or skewers, poke them into the top cake, in several spots. This is to ensure your aluminum foil will not touch the frosting, while freezing. If the foil touches the whipped cream while freezing, when you go to pull it off, the frosting often comes off too. Freeze at least 2 -3 hours, for the entire cake to firm up correctly. When ready to serve, leave cake on counter without foil. It should be ready to slice in about half hour or so later.

*An alternative to foil: If you make the cake, and freeze less than 4 hours, foil is often not needed. Any longer than that, I’d go ahead and use the toothpick/foil method. It will prevent freezer burn.

Please, also check out the Gala in the Kitchen’s site, under their post 9 Easy Strawberry garnishes. They offer a strawberry heart tutorial, that is amazing! Happy Valentine’s Day to all! ❤

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