A Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift to Make

After printing out on a black ink printer, use a red marker to fill in the hearts. Simple, but does the job.

It’s 2022, and many of us are still staying home, ordering online, or getting creative. Maybe we just forgot about getting a gift. This simple, quick template is not a fabulous design, full of flowers or crests. But for me, it does the job.

I don’t know how, but I seem to have even less time, staying home. Maybe these will save you some time and grief, deciding what to get your loved one. If you really get creative, it won’t cost you a thing – beyond the printed paper, staple, or tie. Add a few icons from the links below, and it gets snazzier!

Since many of us only have a black ink printer, I didn’t want to use heavy or fancy designs, and end up using a lot of ink. Yes, I know a 1st grader could design better. But what matters most: What your coupon offers. This could be anything from a free pass on chores, an extra hour of games, a choice in fast food pick up, an extra hour of TV, and so on. This doesn’t have to be expensive. But if you get creative with what your loved one really likes, or doesn’t, then you’ll be giving something awesome.

Here’s how you will edit, and make your own Valentine’s coupons:

  1. Download the Coupon Template
  2. Open it on your computer, in your Paint program.
  3. Select the ‘A’ under tools section of Paint
  4. Start typing (change the font, like you do in Word)
  5. Optional: Add a mini icon to represent what each coupon is offering. (I’ll give a few links below).
  6. Print and cut. Staple or use a punch hold to add a twist tie, string or yarn, etc.

Basic Coupon page:

Links to free images and icons:




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