This cake rivals my body cavity cake! Care for any snake cake and milk, anyone?

Why Evolution Is True

If you’re a herpetologist or reptile-lover with a birthday coming up, eat your heart out. Or rather, eat one of these snake cakes. Via PuffHo, I’ve learned about these amazing cakes baked by Francesca Pitcher of North Star Cakes in Kent, England (her bakery Facebook page is here, displaying many other wonderful cakes).

The Daily Mirrorgives more information:

Mum Francesca Pitcher created such a lifelike snake cake for her six-year-old daughter’s birthday party, it left “freaked out” guests in hyssssssterics.

The 37-year-old fashioned the coiled-up Burmese python cake at the request of her daughter Claudia who wanted a ‘spooky’ themed birthday party following a trip to the zoo.

Francesca, who is in fact afraid of snakes, spent three days creating the realistic reptile after studying images of the yellow coloured snake online.

She baked six sponge cakes before carving and sculpting them into the slinky appearance of…

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