Repurpose Holiday Decorations

From Halloween to Christmas

I often make at least one new large Halloween prop a year. But there is often a sadness that occurs when I place my artistic endeavors in storage; especially since many times it had taken weeks to create.

This was the case a few years ago with my 16 foot pirate ship made from wood pallets. The week after Halloween passed I didn’t have the heart to tear it down.  So I turned it into a Santa ship and took Davy Jones away. I filled the ship with an enormous bag of toys with Santa at the wheel.

Seeing Props in a Different Light

As I was taking down this year’s Halloween props, I looked at one of my favorite items – The Ring girl well.  Not the easiest to move, I pondered over it until I was struck by an idea that inspired me to create.

I thought this well isn’t that scary. In fact, I could see the Grinch popping out of it in my mind. So I visited my local fabric store and within 2 nights, it was complete.

I also decided that since Jack Skellington was a huge hit at Halloween, I’d put a Santa suit on him and make a lot of people happy.

Saving Time and Money with Multipurpose Props

My suggestion for people who spend a lot of time and money with Halloween props is simple. See what you can easily transform for the next holiday. Make sure your transformations are not permanent and can easily be changed back to the original purpose.

You’ll have more space in your storage shed or garage and more money in your pocket.

Transform your permanent yard props into seasonal decorations. The cat and gnome are examples of easy, frugal ways to decorate.

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