When the Temp Rises: Build Yourself a Water Park

Make your own with PVC piping. Water park image courtesy of Flickr at 82027065@N00/ 172746497

With the impending heat wave at hand, not everyone will have the luxury of air conditioning or even a swimming pool. Instead of sweating it out, why not cool down in your own mini water park?

You’d be surprised how a little PVC piping can go a long way. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and lightweight too. Discontinuity and Carl Morris have two easy PVC pipe projects called Kidswash, and Kidswash 2, at Instructables.

If you have a hill in your yard, use it to your advantage. Lay out a sheet of plastic going down the hill, add a sprinkler to wet the plastic and watch the kids slip, slide and dive into action.

Water balloons can be fun, but the mess afterwards can hamper your spirits. Try making Sponge Balls, instead – with directions from Clay Chip at Instructables.

To add to your water zone, buy a snap-up kiddie pool (8 foot in diameter or larger). Even the 24” in depth ones will allow an adult to lay on an air mattress and float – without touching the bottom or sides.

Most of the ideas listed cost less than a commercial water park ticket. Yet, it has the priceless convenience of staying at home. Whatever water feature you decide to add, always be safe. Never leave children unattended – even with just a bucket of water. So stay cool – stay safe – and take lots of pictures.

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