An Ice Cream Social of a Different Kind

Image Anyone want Ice Cream courtesy of Flickr20826826@N00/115681904

Image: Anyone Want Ice Cream courtesy of Flickr20826826@N00/115681904

Looking for another reason to throw a summer party but don’t like to barbecue? Try an ice cream social of a different kind.

Ice cream socials have been the staple of community get-togethers since the invention of ice cream. They usually have a few flavors and toppings to please most people. To make your social a one-of-a kind memorable event, follow these suggestions:

A few weeks ahead of the party, send out a flavor/combination questionnaire through an email. For those technically challenged, send a snail mail with a reply request to your voice mail. This will allow enough time for the customized flavors to be made. Yes, I did say made and not store bought.

Now some of you may be fretting already over the idea of making your own ice cream. However, making your own ice cream has come a long way from the rock salt and hand cranking. Manufacturers have developed ice cream machines that have no need for salt, are electric and best of all; many have only 2 parts to wash up afterwards. You can make over a quart in less than 15 minutes with ice cream machines such as the Deni Scoop Factory 5000.

Thanks to the internet, a plethora of recipes are available within seconds on Google. You’d be surprised at what flavors are out there. There is a Peach and Jalapeno Recipe for those who like it sweet and hot. For the wine and liqueur connoisseurs, there is an abundance of recipes like Chocolate Red Wine, and Kahlua Chip.

You might want to incorporate a mystery flavor that you ask your guests to identify. Make sure to make it an unusual flavor like Chocolate Bacon Bits or stump your guests with Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream. The color will throw them off. You can do a shout out or ask them to write their answers on a piece of paper to be read for all to hear.

Don’t forget to add fat-free or sugar-free options to your questionnaire. You’d be surprised how many people have dietary restrictions.

To alleviate the pressure of testing your skills as an ice cream maker or for those in attendance that prefer not to brave a new flavor, pick up a few quarts of the old standbys too.

By granting your guests the ability to choose their own flavors, they may feel compelled not to miss the event. In the end, you’ll see smiles, grimaces, and everything in between while the conversation flows.

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  1. Thanks. I just dusted off my machine and started using it after it was sitting on my shelf for over a year. I’ve made 3 flavors and I wished I would have known how easy it was to make because I would have been making ice cream long ago.

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