DIY Fall Table Runners and Placemats

It's easier to make than you think: A Fall table runner and placemats. Image courtesy of

It’s easier to make than you think: A Fall table runner and placemats. Image courtesy of

Adding to our Goal: Bringing a Fall Table Setting Together

We started with Fall Centerpieces to Fall in Love With, followed by Fall DIY Napkin Rings and now we move on how to make your own table runners and placemats.

Budget Decorating, by Tonya Lee has a great tutorial on making a basic runner. Although they use fusing bond in their directions, using a Hi/Lo glue gun can help create a runner even faster and let’s not forget the old stand by: sewing(the most time-consuming).

My suggestion is to put some thought into the time and energy you will have as well as the durability from possible years of use.

With that in mind, check out some of these beautiful runners and placemats that can wow a crowd. Most will have a link to the original site tutorials – so you can make your own!

Making Your Runners/Mats Unique

With the tutorials giving you various ways to make runners and mats, don’t feel constrained to mimic their design patterns or colors. If you see a fabric that can work for your geographical area (not everyone has falling leaves) and personal taste, use the tutorials as a base to make your creations unique.

As always, the Frugal Gal is all about sharing. If you’ve made some beautiful runners and mats, I’d love to see them and even share them if you’d like. Happy Crafting!

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