Remastering Jack Skellington


The new remastered Jack with Sally.

I don’t know what it is about The Nightmare Before Christmas (NBC) that caught my attention. But since the movie came out, I’ve wanted to make every character for Halloween.

Jack Skellington was one of my first attempts. Now when I say attempts, I can honestly say, I’ve spent more time and effort making, remaking, and eventually, rebuilding him completely.

I’ve learned over mistakes, weather conditions, and moving to different states. But I’m not a quitter and if you compare the first model to the latest, I’ve learned a bit along the way.

The Changes Made

The Frame: The neck piece is shorter, there is now “feet” instead of just pvc legs.

The Clothing: Instead of using black burlap and painting black stripes on, I used striped fabric. I layered with black and white.

The Head: The original was made from paper mache on an inflatable ball. It starts out the same, but I do not use any flour in the mache mix ( to prevent mold growth), just white glue and water, and instead of using lacquer and waterproofing spray ( which by the way, didn’t work well), I used clear rubber sealer like the stuff they use on gutters.

I’m actually fond of the new remastered Jack Skellington and if you’re a NBC enthusiast, look for my future post on Oogie Boogie – I just completed him this week.

If you have any questions on any other aspects, please feel free to ask.


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