How to Fix a Crack in a Cheesecake

One large crack has already been fixed. The smaller one, closest to the front, still needs a quick swiping. Copyright 2021, All Rights Reserved.

So, you’ve worked hard to follow a cheesecake recipe, and maybe you even did a water bath. But as you pulled the cake out of the oven, you noticed a big crack in the center of your cheesecake? Don’t fret. You don’t have to cover it up with fruit topping, or a ganache.

If your goal is to have an aesthetically pleasing cheesecake, you’ll appreciate this quick tutorial on how to fix even several inch-wide gaps.


You’ll Need:

  • A metal offset knife or a small metal spatula
  • A microwave safe, tall cup
  • A microwave
  • Water
  • A clean towel (hand towel is big enough)


Warning: Working with hot/boiling water can cause burns, so take extra care, when doing this tutorial. Also, read all the directions, before attempting.

  1. YOU MUST LET THE CAKE COOL FIRST! If you mess with the top, before completely cool/room temp., you’ll end up with a wider mess. Trust me on this, look in this post for the example of when I wasn’t patient enough.
  2. After you’re sure the cake is room temperature, take a tall cup (about the height of your offset knife), and fill to about three-fourths full with water.
  3. Depending upon your wattage of your microwave, the length of time it will take to get to boiling will vary. Heat the water at least two minutes, or stop when you start to see steam building up on the front glass of the microwave. The water should be hot enough, at that point. If it isn’t, heat it up a little longer.
  4. With your clean towel beside you, dip your offset knife into the hot water(about a minute). Then pull it out, and quickly wipe the water off the knife.
  5. Then place the knife down on top of the cake, where the crack begins. Without pressing down too firmly, let the knife warm the cheesecake spot( a sec or two), and then work the edges towards each other with a swiping motion. You will not be able to seal the crack in one or two swipes. Don’t try to rush this. You’ll need to repeat steps 4 & 5, several times, to work the cheesecake into the direction you want, level it, and seal. But, in a few minutes of repeating steps 4 & 5, you’ll have an almost perfect looking cheesecake again.

I know the first time doing this may be awkward, but learning this technique will be a game changer. Please feel free to send me pics of your fixed cheesecakes, so I can share them with others. Thanks!

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